Our Family


I am a wife to one, mother of three, family to some, friend to a few, teacher to many. The life of this working mother is detailed through short anecdotes. Enjoy!

Perhaps one day I will use these anecdotes and instances to write a memoir or an autobiography but for now I will enjoy this blogging experience.  I am a teacher by profession and by instinct.  English language and rhetoric as well as world literature with an emphasis on mythology are my academic passions.  Bob and I met in a grocery store while I was working my way through college.  Yes, you can meet your future spouse in the health and beauty aisles of the local market.  Our journey has been full of laughter, love and comfort.  We have two beautiful boys and a little girl who provide continual joy and the art of answering incessant questioning.  We are faith-filled and focused on living within our beliefs.  However, we appreciate the global society and the world view.

I decided to start this blog because, quite frankly, my memory for detail comes and goes.  I wanted to chronicle our lives and especially the lives of our children so that years from now, we will look fondly on our minutia in a Seinfeld like way and laugh or cry or reminisce.

There is always more to add to the story...so, check back often!


Bob has quite a few epithets that apply to his personality:  Bob, Amazing Father, Bob, Squinty Eyes or Bob, Lover of History, Soccer and Comic Books.  Any of the aforementioned shall apply to my wonderful husband of over eleven fun-filled and enlightening years.  Bob has worked for a "green company" for a seven years which has truly allowed our family to flourish as we have the benefit of his office being in our home.  To see Bob with our children is my total joy.  He has a passion for soccer and all things history but loves Egyptology, the history of Christianity, the American Civil War especially.  "What About Bob?" segments are on-going as often as warranted.  He's quite funny.  I hope you enjoy his -isms and anecdotes, too.


Walnut is our first born child and assumes the role very well.  He is very, very smart and loves baseball, swimming, reading and soccer.  Walnut is in second grade.  


Peanut is four and is exercising every right that a preschooler thinks that he has.  He isn't called HMM for no reason!  Like Walnut, Peanut LOVES baseball, Super Mario Bros. and reading.  Check back for his segment entitled "HMP."  They won't disappoint.


Hazelnut is our only daughter and has quickly become the apple of her father and brothers' eyes.  She is a happy and determined baby who has taught me that motherhood at almost forty is full of life and fun.  


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