Friday, February 24, 2012

Why the Weekends No Longer Belong to Us

museums, zoos, day trips, science centers, outings, parks, playgrounds, libraries, festivals,  etc.

We used to go/do these things on a weekly basis. 

When Walnut was wee little, we used to pick an excursion for the weekend:  sometimes simple and sometimes not so simple.  We would plan to do something fun or adventurous each and every weekend.  Although we never meant to consume our time with overscheduled events, we always planned something FUN to do for family time during the weekend. (Please notice the repetition of 'weekend'.)

I miss those days...sometimes.

When Walnut turned five (yes, five years old) those weekend family fun moments were put on the proverbial back burner to sports.  Swimming, soccer, baseball and basketball now consume most of our time during the weekends.  Games and performances solidify our obligation to our sons' love of athletics.   The Peanut began his quest to follow in big brother's footsteps when he begged Bob to practice with their soccer team.  His love of sports continues to grow and soon we'll become Mom and Dad's Taxi Service. 

I remember watching my parents with my twin sisters.  They would travel all over the country for soccer games and tournaments.  Once, I drove to Rhode Island to watch my sisters play in a regional soccer tournament.  My father looked at me and said, "One day, this will be you.  You'll be traveling around to watch your kids play sports or perform.  Your life won't necesarily be your own."  I cluelessly smiled. 

Dad was right. 

My life is not necessarily my own. 

Parenting is sacrifical.  Parenting is tiring.  Parenting is rewarding.  Parenting is _______________.  You can fill in the blank for yourself.

I don't yearn to take back my weekends...yet.

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