Monday, August 22, 2011

HMP: Cousins' Conversation

During this episode of "Parallel Play Breakthrough"  Peanut engages his cousin, K, in a conversation about Spencer and Thomas the Tank Engine.  I love this picture because, although only six months apart, Peanut and K are rarely on the same page UNLESS it is about the "cheeky one."

What About Bob?: I Can See It...It's That Time of Year Again








Bob enjoys many different hobbies:  all things Civil War, coins, stamps, patches, old time radio shows, antiques (especially radios), history, baseball and...(Insert guess here, please.)  Even though he loathes August as it induces a multitude of discomforts via allergies, Bob LOVES soccer.  Bob grew up in a soccer household.  They watched.  They played.  They coached.  They analyzed.  They enjoyed.  They established.  They lived and breathed soccer.  Nevertheless, my husband and I conversed, to some length, about our apprehension to dive back into the coaching world.

"I'm done coaching."

I remember those famous last words.  DONE.  My all telling raised eyebrows and enormous smile were enough to create the aura of disbelief.  It didn't matter.

We had a similar conversation after Walnut was born, too.  DONE.  'There is no way in hell that he won't coach this little guy's soccer team someday.  Who is he fooling?'

Bob and I traveled sans kiddos last week.  We enjoyed eating in a restaurant without looking at the children's menu.  We didn't have to take "potty" breaks.  We even slept in until 8:00 a.m.  But, when the draft for soccer was scheduled, we HAD to be home.  After all, it is the SOCCER draft.  Therefore, we trekked back to the western part of Pennsylvania without a thought.

And, here we are...


soccer season. (period)

Ask me where he is tonight.  Do it.

He's meeting with his fellow coach to discuss the upcoming season, strategies, drills, etc.

Have I mentioned that Walnut is six years old?  *grin*

Disclaimer:  Under NO circumstances is the author of this post upset with her husband.  If anything, I find his behavior amusing and consider him the best dad in the world.


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