Friday, November 25, 2011

forcing my boys to PLAY

Walnut and Peanut's playroom, toy boxes and bedrooms are filled with a myriad of toys-from Legos to Little People.  About half way through the summer I recognized that they weren't engaged with many of the toys that they have and decided to keep the fun of play present in their daily lives before I heard the proverbial, "I'm bored!"  And so, I found a Mason jar, some scrapbooking paper, a hole punch, some markers and ribbon to make our FUN JAR. 

Rule #1:  Before asking Mom or Dad to play, pick a slip from the FUN JAR.
Rule #2:  Take turns selecting an activity from the jar.
Rule #3:  If you pick it, you do it.
Rule #4:  You cannot consecutively engage in the same activity.
Rule #5:  Have fun!

Overall, the fun jar forces the boys to alternate activities and play with all of their toys.  We're having success with the FUN JAR and I'm not hearing, "I'm bored!"

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  1. Great idea Tiffany! I think they have so much more to choose from than we did as kids, that they don't know where to begin. So the Fun Jar helps them focus on one activity and the choice has been made for them. Love it! I have also found that the less they have, or the "simpler" the toy, they more creative they get and the more they use their imagination. Sometimes I think we have stifled their creativity and imagination by giving them toys that have basically done the work for them.



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