Monday, October 17, 2011

HMP: Parenting Fail

We were visiting the lovely area of Lancaster County on day in the middle of July of 2011.  There is an ongoing competition between Walnut and Peanut regarding elevators.  They love to race into the elevator and punch the buttons to our destination.  The rest is history.

Bob, Walnut, Peanut and I were leaving the hotel to go to dinner.  As soon as we left the room, both boys bolted towards the elevator whilst positioning themselves in the optimal place for tending to our elevator button pressing needs.

Tiffany:  "Boys!"

Walnut:  "It's my turn to press the button!"

Peanut:  "NOOOOOO!"

Tiffany:  "Boys!"

Bob:  "Cut it out RIGHT NOW!"

Walnut:  "But it's my turn to press the button!"

Peanut:  "NOOOOOO!  MY turn!"

Tiffany:  "Boys!"


**The elevator door opened and carried four women:  two of which were wearing embroidered sweatshirts adorned with collars (you know the kind) and two younger versions of the sweatshirt wearing women.  All four women wore looks of disgust.**

Peanut waited patiently for all of three seconds.  Before I could grab him I heard,

"Move out of my way Yady!"

Peanut pushed all thirty-six pounds of himself into the elevator.

As proud as he could, Peanut smiled triumphantly.  For the Peanut had accomplished his task-first entrance into the elevator.  The four women did not smile but wore true Carvey-esque Church Lady's looks of sheer chagrin.  I then apologized with a non-commital tone.  We got on the elevator and all of us LAUGHED hysterically. 

Tiffany:  "Talk about a bunch of biddies."

We commited the event to memory and figured that we wouldn't be seeing the fearsome foursome again.

But, we were wrong.  The next morning at breakfast they were front and center in the dining area.  I smiled, waved and then laughed to myself.  Again, no affect about their faces. 

'Boy, they are miserable.


I'm not!'

We're normal parents.  We teach our children to respect their elders.  We teach our children to apologize for transgressions.  We teach our children to say "please" and "thank you". 

However, the fearsome foursome in Lancaster County can politely "suck it".

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