Thursday, June 30, 2011

Musings of a Six Year Old: First Library Card

Walnut accepting the coveted library card.
Our hometown had been fundraising since we moved into our house in 2003.  I remember reading the pleas for pledges, the articles about the financial shortfalls that the library was facing and progress reports on the facility project in hopes that we would one day (in the distant future) have a brand new library.  Our old library, while it did the trick, was limited in its offerings.  However, it pleased me to learn that literacy has always been important in our community.  The Canonsburg Public Library was the first library to ever implement the Accelerated Reader program.  To me, that's impressive.

June 15, 2011:  Frank Sarris Public Library opens--FINALLY.  Walnut ecstatically searched the stacks in the Children's Library.  But, he was most looking forward to receiving his first library card.  He wears it proudly (not all of the time...that would be weird) on a lanyard.  We have already visited the library five times.  It is a great facility and our six-year old (and Peanut) is a very happy reader.  Walnut has signed up for the Summer Reading Program and is super excited.  Of course, with my profession, we make literacy a priority but to see both of the boys so excited about visiting the library, checking out books, listening to audio books in the car and insisting on reading is precious as well as priceless.  A big thanks to the people who made our new library happen!

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