Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures in K: Graduation

Walnut and K conduct the formal welcome.
Walnut receiving his diploma from Mrs. W.
Mrs. W., Walnut and Mrs. R.

When we were preparing for Walnut's Kindergarten Celebration, I kept thinking of logistical situations like:  

'Would we be able to see Walnut receive his diploma?'
'Would he be dressed appropriately for this event?'
'Should we buy him a small gift or a balloon to be presented to him after the ceremony?'
'Are the camera batteries charged?'
'Will Peanut behave?'

The morning of the Kindergarten Celebration, I busied myself with the task oriented issues.  We ate, got dressed, packed some snacks for Peanut, organized our technological devices, etc.  I didn't have a moment to think about the gravity of the day.  

Walnut would be done with his first year of school.  WOW!

When we arrived at the school, I seemed to be 'fine' until we filed into the gymnasium.  The teachers laminated an art project that chronicled Walnut's academic growth from the beginning to the end of the year.  I teared up.

We assembled the teachers' gifts.  I teared up.

I talked to other parents/friends.  I teared up.

'I didn't even cry at my own high school graduation.  What the hell is wrong with me?'

Walnut marched onto the stage, presented the introduction, sang his song selections, collected his diploma--without a tiny drop from his eyes.  It may have helped that it was 95 degrees that day but I believe that he just enjoyed his special day.  He loves his teachers, his school and especially his friends.  To Walnut, his Kindergarten Graduation celebrated all of his wonderful emotional, intellectual, academic and social accomplishments of  the school year.  Makes sense, right? Flashes of a rosy cheeked, bright blue-eyed infant popped up through my memory.  'How is he six years old already?'  It reminded me of the Father of the Bride scene where Kimberly Williams talks to Steve Martin about marrying the boy of her dreams-realistic and frightening.

After the ceremony, and my abysmal failure of a speech, we laughed, took photographs and remembered what  a wonderful year Walnut had in Kindergarten.  

I just can't believe that he's a first grader.  

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