Sunday, May 1, 2011

What About Bob?: Domino Friend Effect

Bob doesn't do high school reunions.  We've been together for almost thirteen years and he didn't attend his fifteen or his twenty year high school reunions.

So, when he lost contact with a few of his high school buddies he figured that he probably wouldn't see them again.


We reconnected with J and our godchildren last year.  We are forever grateful that Bob's mother bumped into J at the local grocery store as were able to later reconnect with Bob's friend of over twenty years.


Because Bob and J talk and see each other on a regular basis now, Bob reconnected with his friend, E, too.

I love the domino effect.

We celebrated our godson's birthday, watched our children play with new friends and forged old/new relationships.  Life is good!

goofy and dirty little boys
Peanut wanted to blow the candle out.

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