Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lilliputian Fun

Five Alarm Firehouse by Lilliput
About eight years ago I was lucky enough to teach a Required Speech class.  On of my students, A, prepared a motivation speech focusing on a quote that her father imparted upon her.  I can't quite remember the quote but I do remember the speech that A delivered.  Her speech focused on how her father was determined to start his own business after he had created a playhouse for her.  She discussed how he diligently worked to achieve his dream.  A's father's dream became Lilliput Play Homes and the family's success marks that good things coupled with hard work happen to good people; just like the Chernickys.

We met Aunt D and K at Lilliput Play Homes for an afternoon of fun and imaginative play.  Walnut and Peanut particularly loved the slide on the trolley in the middle of the play area.  The boys played in the firehouse, the ice cream shop, the doctor's office, the general store, the post office and the auto garage.  The Lilliput play center continues to provide fun times for little ones.  A big thanks to the Chernickys for a day of fun!

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