Friday, May 27, 2011

HMP: The Potty Dance In Toys R Us

Last weekend I declared, "This is the last box of diapers that I am going to buy for the Peanut."

Bob and I burst out laughing because when we asked our three year old to sit on the potty he threw a royal fit.  We figured that he'd be in diapers until he got his driver's license.  We had some issues with antibiotics right as he was getting comfortable with going on the king's throne and then full fledged regression snuck in and took our potty training nirvana away from us--damn ear infections.

Nevertheless, we did not despair.  Equipped with a dozen pair of Diego, Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars underpants, we ventured to the world of diaper-free living.  Peanut refused.  We stood firm.  Accidents happened.  We bribed.  Peanut peed, finally, in the potty.  'We're on our way!'

As part of the calculated bribery of our Peanut, Peanut, Andrew and I visited Toys R Us to purchase some of the Cars 2 vehicles to reward the little guy as he progressed through the beginning stages of his lifelong commitment to the commode.  We were in the Cars 2 aisle for quite some time-new characters equals new merchandise-when I saw Peanut doing the Potty Dance.  He was crossing his legs, shifting his hips and holding himself.

"Let's go to the potty!"


We ran back.  I sanitized the best I could.  He PEED.  I did the Happy Mommy Dance.  Walnut cheered.

'We're on our way!'

We purchased extra Cars 2 guys that day and it was more than worth it.  We're still almost there...

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