Saturday, May 28, 2011

HMP: Maniac Touching Trucks

The Junior League of Pittsburgh sponsored its fourth annual Touch-A-Truck event last weekend.  We've gone to three of the four and have enjoyed each one thoroughly.   They really do prepare a hands-on and enjoyable day for the children and parents of Pittsburgh.

This year, Peanut and Mommy went to share some special quality time together as Walnut had a soccer game.  Peanut literally ran from truck to truck squealing with excitement.  He was my little maniac for the morning.  He loved climbing into the trucks and playing with all of the knobs and buttons AND the air horns.  I would like to thank Jenn K of  Macaroni Kid South West Pittsburgh for the complimentary tickets to this event.  Good times!

hangin' out with the S.W.A.T. team
hugging bears for safety
checking out really heavy machinery
blowing air horns incessantly
saying goodbye to the trucks

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