Saturday, May 14, 2011

6 and 3 = Artists In Training Birthday

October 2010

"Do you want to have your birthday party at the Trolley Museum?"


"OK.  I will call in early spring and book the party."

January 2011

"Do you still want to have your party at the Trolley Museum?"

"I don't know."


"I don't know where I want to have it."

"Well, we need to discuss it so that I can book the venue."

"What's a venue?"

"Where do you want to have your birthday party?"

"I don't know."

February 2011

"Where do you want to have your birthday party?"

"Trolley Museum"

"OK.  I am glad that you decided."

March 2011

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat with the same conversation on a daily basis.  Walnut had decided that he didn't want to have his birthday at the Trolley Museum.  He preferred to have it somewhere else and rattled off what seemed to be a myriad of places.  

Essentially, he had no idea where he wanted to have his party.  And, we had been to so many parties for friends that he didn't want to repeat what the others had done.  

April 2011

We went to the Trolley Museum for the Bunny Trolley.

"Mom, I want to have my birthday party here."

**internal scream equipped with expletives**

"Are you sure?"


I went to speak with Lisa, the awesome liason at the Trolley Museum, and asked if they had ANY availability in May.  answer? a. BIG. fat. NO.

After much perusing around the internet and considering the boys' interests and hobbies, we decided on an art themed party based on the Picasso quote, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up."  I borrowed a few decoration ideas from Catch My Party and altered them a bit...
one of the grab and go candy stations

paint cans 
quotes about art at the painting station
...and JE designed the graphics for our AWESOME family birthday t-shirts...

front paint splash

back of boys' shirts

back of Mommy and Daddy's shirts

 ...AND my "gametime" lifesavers were...
CA, CS, JG and K (plus JK--not pictured)
They did some really amazing things with the partygoers.  JG helped the children make masterpieces.
artists in training
Peanut and Walnut LOVE to paint.
Walnut's buddies are a creative bunch.
JK and C helped other children draw their own cartoons.  A few of the children sat for over an hour drawing favorites.

I see Yoshi.
K made shaving cream art a must-do activity, too.

messy and fun

...nothing like a little origami...

origami pinwheels

...but NOTHING beats face painting.  CA, CS and JG worked their magic.

the beginnings of a lion
fairy fun
Walnut and Peanut love having large gatherings at our house.  I heard a few, "You're crazy!" remarks but it was more than worth it.  Look at these faces!

the usual--Spider-man

nice and easy = pizza and juice boxes

Make a Wish!
little help from Mom
Happy Birthday.  Happy Family!
A big thanks to Amber, too.  The photos are wonderful!


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  1. Oh, what a wonderful idea!! The 'paint cans' with the 'paint' flowing out...nothing short of brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing!



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