Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adventures in K: First Choral Concert

Walnut is the Santa in the plaid shirt right in the middle of the action.
The night before Walnut's Christmas Concert, I felt like the worst mother EVER.  I had NO idea that he was even participating in the event nor was I aware that it was an EVENT.  He asked  me the night before the concert, "You're coming to my Christmas Concert tomorrow, right?"  After a few investigative phone calls, I found out that the Christmas Concert at his school truly IS a BIG deal.  Thankfully Bob and and I both attended.  The Kindergarteners sang "Mary Had a Baby" and "Jingle Bells" together.  For the finale, the entire school sang "Our God Is An Awesome God."  The entire performance warmed my heart, made me laugh and provided holiday spirit for all involved.  Walnut beamed with pride--as did his parents.


  1. Unfortunately, Teacher-Moms miss a lot over the years and must also re-arrange their day schedule sometimes to attend events. I took personal days when Jolie had a birthday in pre-school and to attend other day all worked out. And you're not a bad mother, just a harried working mom. Hang in there!

  2. That is StL for you. Honestly my biggest pet peeve is a lack of communication. Surprising since we get that family folder every week. Since we were still in WI for Victoria's Kindergarten year, last year was our first year there. I didn't know what a big deal it was until I arrived at the concert 10 minutes early and it was standing room only. I am glad that you were both able to attend. Unfortunately since it is during the day, my husband has never attended. Just so you know, there will be a spring concert near the end of the year. Same format and also during the day. It too is a big deal!!!



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