Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Went To Hampton and All We Got Was Ice Cream

We really like to Run Through the Lights at Hartwood Acres Celebration of Lights on the Wednesday before it opens to the public.  Last year we walked the entire 2.5 miles but, unfortunately, Bob was out of town and missed the excitement.  Luckily, Bob's trip this year was cut a day short and he was able to meet us so that we could experience the event as a family...or so we thought...

Bob and I met at the in-laws, fed and dressed the kids, packed up our minivan and headed to Hampton Township for lights, magic, glow sticks and hot chocolate.  I noticed quite a few police officers stationed strategically at the end of the roads leading up to the county park.  There were signs, flashing lights and enormous Road Closed signs positioned where we normally park--CLOSE to Hartwood Acres.  Much to my chagrin, all of the tried and true parking spaces were officially off limits for this 2010 night.

And so, I turned around, followed the traffic to the municipal building and could see a sea of cars and people.  There were shuttle busses to shuffle us off to the promised land of lights.  However, the line to get on the bright yellow school bus was at least a half a mile long.  Plus, how would we fit Peanut's stroller on the bus with us?  Insert sarcasm and rhetorical questions here, please.

When we finally found a space to park, we realized that we would have to walk about the length of ten football fields just to get to the shuttle vehicle.  Bob and I decided to do some simple math and logical deduction only to realize that by the time we actually started walking through the lights we would miss the final shuttle back to our parking space--about three to four miles away from the park.  Ugh.

"What do you want to do?"  I asked.

"I don't care."

"Should we just abandon ship and skip it?"   

By the way, we live about an hour away from Hartwood.

Insert Walnut's cry.  "But Mom, I want to see the ligths!"

"I know.  I know BUT..."

"But Mom!"  sob.  sob.  sob.

I tried some rational reasoning.  Yet, for some strange reason, our anxious five year old wasn't hearing it.

I am not quite sure how we finally convinced him that we needed to scrap the idea and head home.  I know some bribery took place and perhaps a promise to go to Hartwood when we could DRIVE through the lights.  He succumbed to the our pleading and off we went back to the Kocanuts abode.

After we passed North Park and were headed home, Walnut caught sight of a Bruster's Ice Cream sign and began his insistent monologue on how he didn't get to run through the lights.

"Just pull over and get him some ice cream!"  Bob shouted in a defeated and frustrated tone.

Walnut enjoyed his mint chocolate chip ice cream cone.  We threw in a dinosaur cookie.  Life was good. 

P.S.  Peanut slept like an angel during this entire escapade.

two words=epic fail

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  1. Man, what an awful night! Of course, Walnut and I are of the same mind - ice cream can take your mind off of just about anything for a little while. Hope you guys get to go back and enjoy the lights this season.



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