Monday, November 15, 2010

HMP: Love Tommy

As I have established, Peanut is crazy about trains, especially Thomas the Tank Engine.  We went from calling the #1 little blue engine Peep to Tommy to, finally, Thomas. Thomas and his friends adorn Peanut's room in every imaginable corner and on all of his walls.  We were even lucky enough to find an artist who makes personalized wall decor.  We have every train imaginable, yards of track, risers, bridges, buildings, the duplo set, etc.

Peanut and his table

Where's Hiro?

Creaky Cranky and Peanut

However, I am a little concerned that Peanut will actually OWN every single Thomas piece available to mankind.  Wait.  Thanks to Pap I think we already do!  Christmas 2010 should be interesting because the equation of Pap + ebay = lots of goodies actually scares me.

What have I learned?  Boys truly love toys--regardless of their age!

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