Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures in K: Race for Education

One of Walnut's school's fall fundraisers is The Race for Education.  Each student participates in an actual walking/running race of approximately one to two miles.  During the time leading up to the race, students get pledges for their participation in the event, wear their team's country's colors, makes posters and other accessories, find fun facts about their team's country and get pumped up for the competition.  The Kindergarteners were Team USA this year.  They made Statue of Liberty hats and torches and wore them as they marched out of the building on race day.  I couldn't attend the race this year but Bob went and took a few photos.  We are so proud of Walnut for completing the race with no tears...apparently some little ones were crying by the end.  I also appreciate that the school places an importance on physical activity.  Clearly, they could have sold candy bars! The school met their goal and the students enjoyed the spirited rivalry.
pre race ceremonies

That's our boy!

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