Monday, November 15, 2010

Adventures in K: Homework, Really?

Tuesdays are homework nights for Walnut.  When I attended the first orientation meeting Mrs. W., Walnut's teacher, mentioned the importance of the students' practice of completing an assignment at home, placing it in the backpack mail folder and then, the following day, submitting the sheet to the teacher for credit.  

On one Tuesday, Bob was working with Walnut on his homework as I was prepping for the following day.  I scanned the worksheet prior to asking Bob to read the directions to our Kindergartener knowing full well that they were somewhat wordy and a little confusing.  Here is the dialogue:

Bob:  "Walnut, circle...then color..."

Walnut:  "I don't think..."

Bob:  "These directions are confusing."

Walnut:  "Let's wait for Mom to come down."

Bob:  "What in the world?"

Walnut:  "Dad, let's just wait for Mom..."

Bob:  "OK.  We'll wait for Mom."

As I approached the kitchen table, I lovingly ridiculed my husband, "Can't handle Kindergarten homework, huh?"  His death stare reached me as I laughed hysterically.  Yet, I knew that the language of the directions was not concise.  I patted him on the back and explained the steps to Walnut.  Bob decided, right then and there, that Mom would be in charge of homework.  Who didn't know that?

Walnut loves doing his homework--for now...
We have a few years until I need to brush up on my Calculus and Physics.

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