Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Play doh Never Disappoints

Sometimes it is necessary to dust off the craft supplies.  The boys love markers and paints and crayons.  We have every coloring book under the sun and I often print coloring pages from the Internet, too.  However, there are times to resurrect the tried and true kid friendly favorites.  Disclaimer:  I NEVER ate Play-doh.

As we rapidly approach our trip to the Crayola Factory, it is imperative to evaluate what we'll need to get while we are there.  So, Walnut requested a Play-doh session so that we could have some fun  and, of course, we did!  I am truly not the most creative or artistic person.  Yet, I can make a mean flower!

Yet, I didn't take a photo of the flower...sigh.  We're looking forward to our trip and definitely picking up some supplies for our bursts of creativity.

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