Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HMP: He Sleeps

Peanut may have been the worst sleeper in the history of man.  He didn't actually SLEEP through the night until he was almost twenty-two months old--that's almost TWO years.  And, when I say didn't sleep I mean that he was up several times a night to play.   It was so bad that we put him in his big boy bed so that we didn't have to stay in his room on the floor, praying that he would eventually fall asleep.  We slept next to him in bed.  Don't judge until you've been there!  By the way, before you ask- I have read every sleep book known to man.  The advice of did not work.

Interestingly enough, Bob and I expected a complete struggle to finally get Peanut to fall asleep by himself.  Here's the scenario:  Bob was out of town on business.  Walnut had a slight case of the stomach bug.  I told Peanut that I would come in after Walnut was feeling a little better.  It was completely chaotic.  Walnut was back and forth to their bathroom at least a dozen times in a fifteen minute period.  I was on edge in anticipation.  'Walnut didn't get sick.  Matthew is still in bed.'

Then, it just HAPPENED...he stayed in bed, by himself, and fell asleep.  The proverbial encouragement of "be a big boy" worked!  It is continuing to work...let sleeping toddlers lie!

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I need the sleep.

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