Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adventures in K: Mommy Is Ready...Kinda

My boys are bouncing off of the walls...and we're a family on the GO!  An interesting tidbit about me:  I was an only child until I was almost fourteen years old.  My twin sisters were born when I was in eighth grade.  Essentially, I enjoyed an uncompetitive childhood.  And, I have sisters!  That double X chromosome thing changes so much!  So, the amount of energy contained in our home on a daily basis creates a pressure cooker environment.  We're normal (for the most part:).  The kids play together, fight, wrestle, roughhouse, read, watch a little television, work on art projects, etc.  However, if a task is at my immediate hand with a deadline--completion is impossible.

Walnut has been especially antsy over the course of the last week.  We returned from our travels with Bob and have been "redding up" and prepping for our first week back to "the grind" for Mommy.  But, Walnut and Peanut both love the structure of daycare/preschool.  Peanut was born a natural instigator.  But, Walnut takes it to a whole new level.  He has been a little challenging.  The whole scenario reminds me of what it said about animals; that they can tell when a major change is about to occur.    Walnut pushes the limits and then savors in the reaction.  He's a little on the contrary side right now and totally testing my mommy patience.  I know that we're entering another phase of childhood but c'mon!  Nevertheless, it will be more than interesting to see how the beginning of school affects his social and individual levels of independence as well as behavior to adapt to change.

Until then, we'll be keeping ourselves busy with a just a smidge of downtime.

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