Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank Cow for Revelations

I knew that we were going to be late.

As we were driving to the dairy farm tour, which was approximately an hour away from our house, I had quite a bit of time to think.  I dwelled on some time management issues and then planned the rest of our social calendar for the week.  All the while, I tried to take my mind off of the fact that we were going to be a few minutes late.  I absolutely despise being late. 

We were late.

Many of the BFFs attended "The Cow Goes Moo." We went last year. Peanut loves mooing to the cows as we pass the farm (no dairy cows and no tours) near our house.  I figured that it would be fun-the tour itself.  However, when our tour guide was taking us to our first stop, the milking station, Walnut looked and me and said, "I don't want to go in."  Why?  Well, the milking station is the only part of the tour in a closed space.  Walnut said that it smelled and preferred not to go in.

I began thinking, 'Why am I doing this?'  A few answers ran through my head and then we proceeded to see the calves and the bull.  Walnut perked up when we saw the bull.  One of the guides explained to him why the bull was so important to the the cows.  It was an interesting conversation.

Peanut seemed to enjoy himself BUT he was indeed stroller bound.  He's a runner and he probably would have ended up with the cows.

Here are a few of the answers that came to mind as I was asking myself, 'Why?'
Revelation #1: My youngest child likes the cows when we pass while driving in the CAR.
Revelation #2:  We get to see our friends.
Revelation #3:  It is kinda cool to see cows, especially if you are a five or two-year old.
Revelation #4:  It's what I do.

Revelation #4 was the biggest pill to swallow.  My Shermandy made fun of me on the phone after I told her the tales of our day.  Her response as I was detailing our fun filled day (a busy day), "Of course you did."

Today will be a relaxing day in our pajamas...I think.

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