Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gardening & the Coveted Hydrangea

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with gardening.  Next year, we will be adding a raised veggie garden and a cut flower garden to our landscape.  Right now, I am prepping to find two trees to place in the back yard.  We'll plant in the fall but I am on the hunt for the perfect trees.  One of my biggest gardening disappointments is the blue hydrangea just beyond our front porch.  I had high hopes for that hydrangea.  We moved into our house in December of '03 and they planted her in the spring of '04.  I watched, watered, fertilized and fed that damn thing and it only bloomed tiny flowers all the while I was watching my next door neighbors' hydrangea produce the biggest and most beautiful flowers on our street.  'What the HELL?'  

Last year I planted another hydrangea and IT BLOOMED!

ATTENTION big and unproductive hydrangea near our front porch:  Your days are numbered.  We have high hopes for your coveted spot!  A hardy virburnum or peony will replace you!

 front door annuals
pre-bloom hibiscus

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