Saturday, July 17, 2010

CODE PHRASE: Bird in the Sky

teenage girls + sand + surf + Walnut = future "trouble"

While unpacking the beach cart, putting up umbrellas, strategically assembling and placing beach chairs and watching Walnut and Peanut impatiently await their two second trek to the water, I heard Walnut say to Pap, "Bird in the Sky, Pap."  I dismissed it as the passing of a seagull.  A day earlier the "camp" next to us came under seige of the cacophony and proximity of a few pesky seagulls. However, I heard Walnut say the same phrase to his father while we were strolling down the boardwalk.  Bob noticed that my attention was drawn to their father-son conversation.

"Do you know what we're talking about?"  

"Ummm.  I think that I am beginning to understand.  But, I am not too happy about it,"  I said.

And, so it begins.  Even though Walnut is ONLY entering K this coming school year, the admiration of beautiful girls creeps into our world.  He isn't completely infatuated BUT he is noticing the ladies.  No thanks to Pap.  He introduced the phrase.

By the way, have you seen photos of Walnut?  He is adorable!  Looks like Mother Kocan will be worrying a little more come September.  

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