Monday, May 3, 2010

Ten Years of Teaching: A Professional and Personal Reflection

This post is more for me than for the readers.  I am often astounded at the amount of information that I forget.  And so, it is time to reflect and then perhaps vogue.  There is always a reason to dance.  Nevertheless, I have been teaching for an entire DECADE.  'When did that happen?'  Wrapping my brain around the concept of an entire decade of commitment to one profession is frightening and rewarding and totally enigmatic.  Looking back, I recognize that I have changed my pedagogy, philosophy, style and sense of obligation.  I have created one new class, World Mythology, and pioneered the first AP Language and Composition class in my district.  I have attended countless workshops and conferences all in the name of becoming a better informed teacher.  The HP Grant team and the Classrooms for the Future initiative have permitted me to know technology better than I could have imagined.  And, the list goes on...

But, what I truly love is having a relationship with my current and former students.  PERIOD. 

That was pretty easy.

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