Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bill Maher and Parking

Truthfully, I am not sure what my political party affiliation is anymore.  There are so many different pigeonholes for so many different types of Democrats and Republican that I am not sure what is right, moderate or left.  And, I teach rhetoric.  Therefore, I analyze every single speech that I hear and try to punch holes in it.  Nevertheless, I received a call from my mother inviting me to see Bill Maher at the Carnegie Music Library on her birthday.  I jumped at the chance as we are in the middle of unit I entitled:  The Rhetoric and Language of Humor.

Bill Maher, if you have no idea what he represents, is a LIBERAL and I don't use the word loosely.  Yet, he is FUNNY.  My mother, father and I ventured through the torrential downpour to see Mr. Maher.  The room was as hot as hades but the company was good and the laughter abound.  He mocked the right, the left, almost every religion and got a little raunchy as well.  I enjoyed listening to his take on such topics as:  healthcare reform, monotheism (omnipotent beings of every religion that has a creator god), homosexuality, etc.  Although, I have to say that I don't share the same views as Bill Maher but I could appreciate his humor and laughed a little and cringed a little at the same time.

As a side, the parking was horrendous.  We were a bit late.  I forgot that parking in a city setting is definitely not similar to parking in the suburbs.  Nevertheless, we managed.

And, I escaped without anyone knowing that I am a registered Republican.  shhhhh...

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