Saturday, January 16, 2010

HAITI-do what you can!

A VERY, VERY SAD ANECDOTE OF TODAY'S EVENTS (but not as sad as the devastation in Haiti):

True Story. I went to the Tanger Outlets to return a few items @ the Carter's store. I saw my friend Vanessa working @ the Gymboree Outlet and decided to stop in and chat. She was a little busy as it was a balmy fifty degrees in WashPA and people were out spending dollars in full force. However, I spotted a really cute pair of swimming trunks for the boys. I waited a few moments so that I could ask Vanessa if they had the size that I needed. This is the conversation that ensued between Vanessa and a customer during a transaction:

Vanessa: "Would you like to donate a dollar to the Haiti Relief Fund?"

Customer: "Yes."

Vanessa: "Your total is $."

The customer paid and the transaction was complete. The customer left and I asked Vanessa if she had the size I was looking for. A minute passed and above mentioned customer walked back into the store with the question, "What is this dollar charge for?" Vanessa explained. THE CUSTOMER THEN REQUESTED THE ONE DOLLAR DONATION BACK!!!

I left the store. I couldn't watch. I actually felt sick to my stomach.

I headed to the Gap to find two Valentine's Day shirts for the boys. I was so bothered that I had to tell someone. So, I dumped my unbelievable story on the clerk at the Gap and his response was, "I am deeply disturbed. That's four quarters."

I guess I just don't understand...

Here are a few sites and organizations for Haiti Relief as posted in the
Post Gazette:

How to help in Haiti
Saturday, January 16, 2010
Numerous charities are accepting donations to aid relief efforts in Haiti. Donations may be made to:
• World Vision, Pittsburgh, is sending pallets of relief materials, including medical supplies. Donations can be made to World Vision, by check, at P.O. Box 9716, Federal Way, WA 98063 or at
• Albert Schweitzer Hospital, founded by members of the Mellon family, is currently treating an overflow of injured from the quake. They are requesting donations at P.O. Box 81046 Pittsburgh, PA 15217 or
• Pittsburgh-based international relief and development organization Global Links is working with health authorities in Haiti to identify short and long-term needs for medical equipment and supplies. Individuals interested in supporting Global Links' relief efforts in Haiti can make a donation online at or by calling 412-361-3424.
• Brother's Brother Foundation -- Haiti, 1200 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233, call 412-321-3160, or visit
• Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti, 1064 Premier St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201, call 412-784-0342, or visit
• The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation is sending teams to support missionaries in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, as well as raising money to send containers of food there. Donations can be made at or mailed to 116 Federal St., First Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. For more information call 412-231-2353.
• The Pittsburgh Foundation has opened an online site at which the public can make donations without credit card fees being applied. Local organizations to which visitors can give include American Red Cross, Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Global Links and Brother's Brother. The site is
• UNICEF also is helping with relief efforts. Call 1-800-4UNICEF or go to
• United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh is opening an emergency mailbox to accept donations for Haiti relief. Checks payable to UJF/Haitian Relief Fund can be mailed to 234 McKee Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, or donate online at
• The International Rescue Committee is deploying an emergency response team to Haiti to deliver aid. Visit or call 1-877-REFUGEE.
• Deep Springs International, based in Grove City, has personnel on the ground in Haiti. The organization is devoted to developing sustainable drinking water supplies for Haitians. Donations can be made at
• Local Pittsburgh company Edward Marc Chocolatier is leveraging their retail space, The Milk Shake Factory, in support of the victims of the recent Haitian earthquake. All proceeds from today's sales will go directly to the American Red Cross.
• Catholic Relief Services. Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh notes that the Diocese of Pittsburgh has asked for a special collection in all parishes in the next four weeks for relief efforts. Donations are also being taken by Catholic Relief Services, the Church's agency for international response at

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