Monday, January 18, 2010


When Walnut was a baby, his first word(s) were "ma ma." He eventually said words: da da, ball, car, choo choo, etc. I had always figured that this was the natural progression of the language acquisition devise (LAD). So, when Peanut started speaking I thought for sure that he would say "ma ma" first. Boy was I wrong! Peanut will only say "Daddy, Daddy, DAAAADDDDYYY!" He has a high pitched squeal and that is exactly how he calls Bob. This is much to my chagrin but I am pleased that he is infatuated with his father. Peanut's face lights up when he sees DADDY. Peanut opens his arms wide and runs to Bob each and every time he sees him. He is a Daddy's Boy! It took me a while to come to terms with being second fiddle-after all, I did give birth to Peanut. However, I realize that it is so important for both of our boys to have a strong father to emulate as they get older. So, for now I will defer to DADDY!

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