Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE & the Bloody Nose-A Test in Strength

We spent NYE afternoon/evening with good friends. Walnut normally plays very well with our friends' children, especially their little guy. However, today was a test of strength and recognition that parenting isn't easy and forgiveness and patience is paramount.

Walnut and his buddy were playing on and off over the course of our stay. He was most interested in the Geotrax train in his friend's room. From what you know, you can see that my kids love trains. They have a variety of cars, buildings, accessories and definitely know how to operate all of the above. So, Walnut was playing and his little friend was angry because he wasn't playing according to house rules-I guess. I was having a lovely conversation with a few of the partygoers and I heard Bob call, "It's time to go."

Next, Walnutwalked into the living room with blood streaming down his face and all over his clothes. I was panicked and a bit enraged. I could actually feel my blood pressure rising but was most concerned about Walnut's well being. We cleaned him up as best we could and tried to get the river of blood to stop. Walnut was shocked from the sight of blood and I did my very best to calm him down while Bob was taking care of Peanut.

The back story to this situation is a few years of Walnut getting blamed for a myriad of ills which he didn't commit. On many occasions his little friend would point the finger at Walnut. Most of the time that these situations occurred, I was in clear sight of what was happening. There was a quite a bit of embellishment...we'll keep it at that. Nevertheless, this had been a long time coming.

My friend quickly reprimanded her child. My mind was racing. I wasn't quite sure how I felt but I knew I was furious. My friend is very dear to me. We are close and she is one of my very best friends. 'What do I say?' 'Is my face giving away the fact that I am totally pissed off here?' I just didn't know what to do. And then-IT HIT ME: It's time to just clear the air.

I just blatantly told my dear friend that this had been a long time coming and I spoke of the past situations and how they troubled me. I also explained that she is my dear friend and I care about our friendship but these kinds of things need to stop. She agreed. I felt relieved.

We shall see if this impacts our friendship. I hope not. Ahhh...damn kids. smile and wink!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Vacation...not necessarily National Lampoon's

Walnut and trains

L, Walnut, Peanut and Bob
Bob and Peanut reading Bee & Me.

Walnut & J

Peanut on the cat walk @ the Science Center

Peanut slept for most of our trip to the Science Center.

Walnut and the hermit crab


Walnut & Bob making music

robot boxing

Peanut hugging Mack

Pap and the boys

Peanut & A

Snow Fun!

These are pics from our first big snowfall of the year!

Advent Dinner @ St. Mary

The photo below is in preparation for St. Nicholas on St. Nicholas Day-December 6th.

Our annual Advent Dinner switched venues this year. We had the dinner at the church and it was a wonderful success. We are still celebrating the centennial, too!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


During the race, it got very intense between Uncle S and Walnut. Walnut was trashtalking and Uncle S had to keep his street cred.
Peanut had so much fun playing with his new engines. I think Santa brought at least a dozen to add to our very vast collection.
The boys are playing with a new magnetic book from Santa.
Peanut looking at his new Percy video. Can you tell that this kid is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine?
Daddy and Walnut playing with one of the various Leapster toys that the boys received.
Daddy and his boys
the taping of the festivities
Peanut and his friends: Spencer, Thomas, Hiro and Isabella
Is that Walnut or Wolverine?
Christmas Eve-All is calm; All is bright
Cookies for Santa. Carrots for Rudolph. Advent Calendar and Advent Wreath.
Walnut prepping for Santa's arrival.

Mommy and her boys on Christmas Eve
Mommy and Walnut on Christmas Eve
Daddy and his boys on Christmas Eve
Walnut and Peanut at St. Mary on Christmas Eve
The boys are in front of the Nativity at St. Mary

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Flu Bug Hit the Kocanuts House...Fa La La La La

Next year, I am specifically asking Santa for an illness free holiday season. For the past several year, we have been stricken with some type of horrible sickness right before Christmas. This truly makes things a bit difficult and with the malaise of stress already upon us-WE NEED A REPRIEVE!

We were sleeping and I heard something coming from Walnut's room. Bob and I both jumped up, ran to Walnut's room and found him pretty upset from the turmoil of the stomach flu. Needless to say, we threw out quite a few things during that first bout of barfing. Walnut's favorite blanket was one of the casualties. Fortunately, Walnut's stomach bug decided to retire after twenty-four hours but decided to jump hosts and visit our little Peanut a few days later.

Poor little Peanut dealt with his two day tour of duty with the grace and naivete of a toddler. That bug went right through his little body but we were very well prepared as we just dealt with Walnut's unfortunate situation. Peanut was pathetic. I was sad. He was a trooper. Somehow, we managed to get through it with no "ki-ki" casualties.

Period 6 is cafe duty for me. I was talking to my comrades and it hit me. I headed home during period 7 and didn't leave the comfort of my bed until the next morning when I was feeling surprisingly better. But, it hit me again on Sunday night-late. So, the bug decided to visit me, too. The only one free from the bug's harm was Bob. Thank goodness.

Did I mention pink eye? On the 23rd, Bob dropped the boys off at school...well...Walnut had pink eye. We are so thankful for our wonderful daycare provider. She's a nurse and Joyce is the best. Bob texted me, we set up a doctor's appointment, stat, and Bob was off to the Dr. D's (the best, too) for some rx. The day after Christmas Peanut's eye was showing the signs of pink eye. We are grateful for modern medicine.

Dear Santa,
I'm getting an early jump on our 2010 letter.
Please send us a reprieve from any type of sickness this holiday season.
The Kocanuts

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast & Cookies with Santa Claus

The second Saturday of December was a very, very busy day for the boys. We started at Janoski's for Breakfast with Santa Claus. Walnut excitedly sat on Santa's lap this year. Bob and I were thrilled. It was the first year that he wasn't totally freaked out. Peanut wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the jolly ol' elf. He hunched over ever time he came near him. We didn't force the issue. Janoski's Santa was very kind and patience. We were grateful.

Next, we headed to Hozak's Farms to check out what goodies they had in their market. We walked away with a few trinkets and decorations and had a generally good time together. Peanut was a bit out of control, as usual, but the boys enjoyed themselves.

The model train display in Ambridge was calling our names. We headed to Ambridge, took a short ride around the old neighborhoods and Old Economy. I am concerned that because of the lack of funding for Old Economy it will close. I find it hard to believe. It's really a fantastic little historic site. We went into the Ohio Valley Model Railroad display and saw my friend Jennifer's father. I always liked him. He's a cool guy. It was really nice to catch up with him before we headed through the meandering way of the trains. The boys were SOOO EXCITED. They were able to operate some of the trains and we were appreciative for the experience. We even stopped to see Uncle David and Aunt Missy for a few minutes before our next event of fun!

Our next stop: Baden for Cookie with Santa Claus. This was a BFF event. We're also on facebook. Walnut and Peanut got another chance to see Santa. I was hoping there would not be too many questions as we had just seen Santa at Janoski's a few hours earlier. It was a nice event. Although, Peanut hadn't had a nap and Walnut was a bit wound up. We had an early exit and headed home.

Although it was busy, it was quite enjoyable and nostalgic. Memories are so very important to me. The sole reason for this blog is to preserve (and for me to actually remember) our fun times together. Merry Christmas!


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