Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're Approaching 37 and 8...Wow!

Well...Bob turned 37 today! So, technically HE'S approaching 37 sooner than me. We enjoyed a relatively low key kind of day. We both worked and took the kiddos to Red Robin for the birthday extravaganza. Funny thing: When I picked up the boys today I saw my friend, Kelly, and mentioned that today is Bob's birthday. Kelly's husband is the manager @ Red Robin. There must have been some texting because right before we were ready to leave-boom- a sundae and six singing employees emerged from the kitchen area. Fun times. P.S. Andrew picked our dining destination tonight!

I will update the 8 portion of the title in November. See you then!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Andrew and Matthew take a nightly bath together. They have become accustomed to playing together in the tub. Matthew is ornery...especially in the tub. He loves the water. Bob had to run to the restroom and I was checking the weather on the computer. BOOM...whaaaaaaah! Matthew was crying, Andrew was denying, I was frazzled, Bob was upset. Needless to say, Matthew now has a hockey player grin; he has a chip in his from tooth. We were happy that he had no nerve damage and it didn't discolor. But, he does have a good ol' fashioned chip. Bob has been calling him Chip and it is kind of sticking in our memories. Poor Matthew!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Swim 101

Tuesday the 8th was Matthew's first swim lesson and Andrew's first swim lesson with the big kid-NO MOM OR DAD. We were worried, anxious, scared, etc. Matthew adjusted quickly; after all, he's with mom in the water. We were concerned that Andrew wouldn't be able to adjust and want one of us. However, we were wrong. He is certainly a fish in water. We are so proud of him as he hasn't given up and really likes his teacher, Miss Tori.

UPDATE: Andrew is now jumping off of the diving board into the deep water and only has one little, teeny tiny backpack left before it is him and wide open...swimming pool.

Spending Time with Uncle Hunky

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited Bob's Uncle Hunky. Hunky is Bob's maternal grandfather's brother...yeah, I know. Say that one again! We hadn't to visit in a while and wanted to connect. Uncle Hunky carried the gifts in our wedding and Bob has a special place in his heart for his great uncle. We really enjoyed our visit and especially laughed at Hunky's colorful and checkered stories from his past. Uncle Hunky is 84 and looks fantastic.

A New Kocan Tradition

Bob had been bugging me to go to Joe's Crab Shack all summer. For some reason, we just never made it there. Well, the some reason is that our social calendar is jam packed. Truth be told, I figured it was time that Bob enjoyed himself without a toddler/preschool focus. It was the Saturday before I was headed back to school when I said to Bob, "I am so not ready for summer to be over. Let's pretend we still have the whole summer left." His request: Joe's Crab Shack. After little thought, "Yeah, let's go. We can let the kids play near the fountain, check out the great view, eat at Joe's and ride the incline." So, that's what we did. Bob suggested that this become the end of summer ritual. What a great idea!


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