Friday, August 21, 2009

Walnut: Analytical Four Year Old

Yesterday as the fam was driving home from a trip to Barnes & Noble, Walnut stated, "Santa Claus is not real." My heart sunk. I was glad I was driving. I glanced at Bob and he was filled with anxiety as we were a few mere seconds from our house. I said, "What do you mean?" "Mom, those guys are dressed up." Here we go again! (We had a similar situation occur right around Easter.) I cut to the quick, and I mean quickly, "Then how do we get presents on Christmas?" silence...silence..."I don't know." Walnut then was quick to point out, "Mommy, Santa Claus doesn't come down our chimney. How does he get in to our house." crap...Why is this kid so smart? Bob chimed in, "I believe in Santa Claus. If you don't believe, you don't get presents." enter our driveway...conversation ends.

How am I going to explain the Tooth Fairy?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And, MORE summer fun

We hosted an All Things Thomas the Tank Engine playdate, went to Sandcastle, visited Uncle David and the fam for his birthday, had a few lazy pj days, played at the park, splashed at the Cranberry Waterpark, dined and slipped and slided :) with friends, picnicked with fellow parishoners and ran like crazy at the Children's Museum. Enjoy the pics!

Oh No! It's Back to School Time!

Today I was sitting in Bob's office reading and deleting emails. In my mind, the start of school has been looming since August 1st. However, I put it on the back burner of my brain as I am completely and utterly not ready to go back to school this year. I figure that if I don't wish it, it won't happen...right. After reading an email from a dear friend, I heard it! THE SOUND OF A STUPID YELLOW SCHOOL BUS! (I don't mind school's just for effect.)

I turned around to see that at the bus stop in front of my house, kids were getting on the bus and parents were smiling. 'What the hell is going on here? no, No, NO, NO, NO!!!!' My local school district was completing its annual orientation for kindergarteners. I just kept staring and hoping it would go away.

So, I had to reflect or I knew that I would be sad for the entire day. My conclusion is this: Deal. It's inevitable. I am fortunate enough to work during the school year and be a SAHM during the summer. My boys get the best of both worlds and I should be grateful. Yet, I still am a bit sad and nervous...I have a lot of prep work to do!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Idlewild-#2 in the World

We usually make our Idlewild trip a two day affair. However, we went in August this year and our days are numbered as I go back to school in just a few short weeks. So, we went on a Friday to try to avoid the weekend crowds and were completely successful. Somehow we saw the entire park this year. Andrew rode rides until he dropped. We opened and closed Idlewild! (We did the same with Kennywood, too.) Matthew was an angel and we really enjoyed our picnic lunch and snacks, too. The day was altogether fantastic! I will always remember how much Matthew loved the balls and how much Andrew loved SoakZone this year. We spent quite a bit of time in Racoon Lagoon, too. It was epic to see the Mr. Roger's Trolley through Matthew's eyes. He was awestruck. And, Andrew-he rode the amusement park rides like it was his job. He owned the place. Memories make the world go 'round.

Andrew and Jackson

Andrew and Jackson are great friends. They play well together, there is minimal fighting and they are still little boys-physical and silly. We took Jackson for his first day out trip without mom or dad. When Andrew, Matthew and I picked Jackson up at his house, I laughed. As we were pulling out of their driveway, the entire family was standing at the front door: Kelly, Stan and Kaelynn. It was as if they weren't going to see him for many days. We were headed to a PWAM fundraiser and then to the Carnegie Science Center with Little Hank (Bob's cousin). The day was jam packed. We left at 10:00 a.m. and didn't get home until after 8:00 a.m.

We ventured to CiCi's Pizza for a fundraising event. The boys ate until they were full, played a few arcade games, and then weathered the torrential downpour outside as we ran to the van. Bob met us for lunch which was a GREAT surprise. Off we went to pick up Little Hank to head to the Science Center. The boys, all of them, really enjoyed the robot exhibit and the water area. Hank did his thing and ventured off by himself for a little so that he was not completely inundated with complete silliness. The kids had a great time and Andrew and Jackson were laughing the entire day. I really enjoyed watching Andrew have so much fun with his friend. Even better, Jackson has great parents with values similar to ours-an added bonus.

After the Carnegie Science Center we headed to Max's Tavern for dinner and then to Uncle Hank's. To our surprise, Christie and Jim were there with Jim's brother, Matthew, and Jim's daughter, Jenna. The kids had a great time tearing up Uncle Hank's game room. And, Jenna was really great with Matthew, Andrew and Jackson. IT WAS A GREAT DAY!

When we finally got home, Kelly came over to get Jackson, but not without having a robot Smiley Cookie. The day was fun and I got a little taste of having three children. I better train for a marathon...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Procrastination, Loathing and Heel Spurs

PROCRASTINATION: I used to be super organized and wrote down every due date in my calendar/organizer. I used to actually care when things were due. Somehow, that sense of urgency has escaped me and I am a little worried. School starts on the 24th for me; students start the following week. I have no motivation to begin planning. I am writing curriculum-and I am definitely behind the district's schedule, but I wanted to enjoy our family vacation and my books weren't approved until the end of June. So, why am I procrastinating? Priorities are lining up that are clearly more important: MY FAMILY. When I first started teaching I didn't understand veteran teachers' feelings toward summer and school. Now, I understand completely. So, perhaps my procrastination is a good thing-to an extent.

LOATHING: After a super fun playdate this morning, Andrew, Matthew and I were watching Lilo & Stitch. Clearly this is not the best of the Disney movies but Andrew likes Stitch so we watched during "quiet time." If you don't know the story, Lilo and her adult sister lost their parents in a tragic car accident and must rely on each other or Health and Human Services will place Lilo in foster care. Lilo's sister can't keep a job and the alien, Stitch is wreaking havoc on their Hawaiian Island.

Towards, the end of the movie, Lilo and Stitch kinda discuss family and the importance of never forgetting one's roots. I started to bawl. I don't mean a little tear here or there. I mean-full out BAWL. Andrew asked me what was wrong. I replied, "Mommy is sad. I have to go back to work soon." This subsequently moved him to cry and then I had to rationalize, "You like school and it makes you so much smarter, right?' Half-heartedly, he agreed. I am truly not looking forward to August 24th, to the point where it makes me sick.

HEEL SPURS: There has been a revelation in the house of Kocan. My FEET are KILLING me. I feel like an old baba with a babushka and orthopedic shoes. WTH? After speaking with another BFF, I have deduced that I have heel spurs. They are not fun! In fact, they hurt REALLY badly!!! I had to remind myself that I am only 36, too. So, an appointment to the podiatrist is in order-wish me luck and NO orthotics!

Sean & Lindsay are getting married

Bob and I really wanted to take the kids back to Janoski's Farm City Days on August 2nd after church. The weather was not cooperating-at all. Janoski's had free fishing and Bob wanted to take Andrew. So, we decided to pick up his car and have breakfast with the in-laws at the NPL Clubhouse.

My mother-in-law and I ran to pick a few things at Kohl's when I received a call from my father-in-law. He was trying to be cryptic on the message, "We have visitor's here and they need to leave soon." I called him back and he informed us that Sean and Lindsay were at the ILs house. We scooted home.

When we got there, Lindsay walked over to me and said, "I really like your wristlet." She must have said it three times. What I didn't notice was the rock on her left ring finger. Then I started screaming, "Oh, my God!" You would have thought that I had won the lottery. As a side note: After the engagement was announced, my mother-in-law looked at my father-in-law and said, "Who got iced tea on this tea towel?!" We were laughing hyterically.

We're happy for Sean and Lindsay. Lindsay will be a great addition to the family, especially as a sister-in-law and aunt! Turns out they are planning a winter 2011 wedding in the 'burgh.

YES, more summer fun, PLEASE!

Here are some photos from some fun events: Splash Pad on Troy Hill, Water Fun @ our house and Twilight Trail on the Montour Trail in Peters Twp.

Matthew's First Haircut

On July 14, 2009 Matthew got his first official haircut. We went to Little Snips in Scott Township where Lisa did a phenomenal job. She was, seriously, the quickest stylist in Pittsburgh that day. Matthew was "woofin'" as Bob calls it. He was sporting a pseudo-mullet and although indicative of Pittsburgh-it was time! Matthew did very well and he was kept occupied by Thomas the Tank Engine videos and Elmo as well as the family. He looked so adorable in the little car as Lisa was working her magic. We were very proud of Matthew as he didn't cry until the very end. Big brother Andrew got a buzz cut that night, too. He's a veteran.


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