Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Women of "Heartland Pastures"

Dateline: Sunday, November 22nd at approximately 7:45 a.m.-I noticed that something was different about my next door neighbor's house. T. had a Santa Claus flag hanging. We were gathering in the car to go to 8:00 a.m. mass and were rushing to get there on time. As we backed out of the driveway, I said to Bob, "She's decorated for Christmas. I can't believe it!" When I had come home on Saturday, cornstalks, pumpkins, Indian corn, flowers of autumnal colors and harvest themed flags were everywhere in T.'s yard. Bob started laughing uncontrollably.

We call our neighborhood the "Hurry Up and Die" block. Usually, the crazy women of "Heartland Pastures are rushing on THANKSGIVING night to get up their Christmas decorations.

So, as we continued to back out of the driveway, I said to Bob, "Does L. have her Christmas decorations up?" He yelled, "Yes!" His complete laughter made me laugh. As we proceeded down the hill to church, I said, "I bet C. has her decorations up. There is no way that T. and L. will be outdone by C." We went to church, breakfast and headed home.

On our trip back to the house, I drove past C.'s house. Lo and behold...CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! Bob and I just shook our heads and LAUGHED!

My neighborhood is the epitome of "Keeping Up With the Joneses." However, the Kocanuts don't compete with the Joneses.

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