Monday, March 2, 2009

Funeral and Family

Nana Gracy's funeral was on Friday, February 27th. It was a somber and celebratory event. We met at the funeral home, said goodbye, attended mass at St. Mary's of the Mount, laughed at Janice's eulogy, said goodbye, went to the Jefferson Memorial Cemetary, said our final goodbye and then of to the Greentree Inn, formerly the Holiday Inn, for a reception in her honor. There are some things that I have learned through this process that I wasn't quite attuned to before: 1.)Our relatives impact us in so many unnoticed ways. 2.)When an elderly person dies, people are usually cheerful at the wake. 3.)Crazy things happen at the funeral home. There were quite a few stories that made me chuckle after I had heard about them. But, for the most part it was really great to see Bob's relatives on Friday. I enjoyed talking to his aunts, uncles and cousins especially. I really enjoyed spending time with Uncle Hunky. Hunky is actually Bob's grandfather's brother, not on Nana Gracy's side, but he is our favorite. He tells hilarious stories and is so lovable that we can't help but enjoy our time with him. Nana would have been proud that almost 70 of her descendants were enjoying life on behalf of her death. :)

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